“Dr. Melody Wong has changed my life! During most of my teenage and adult years, I continually suffered from allergies of all types, endured constant dry coughs and experienced many respiratory infections. Throughout the years I had tried many different remedies and methods of treatment administered by various allergy specialists, but never enjoyed any measure of relief. Because of Dr. Wong’s allergy removal treatments (NAET), I have experienced a quality of life I never thought would exist for me. I can now breathe freely. My sinuses are clear and nearly all of my allergies have disappeared. I feel better now than I’ve felt in 40 years. And best of all it was easy, pain-free and involved no drugs. Dr. Wong is a very knowledgeable and caring person. I feel extremely fortunate to have found her and will continue to seek her guidance and care for many years to come.”


Dear Dr Wong,

I want to thank you for all your help over the years in treating my kids and have always been very patient, open, honest and professional in answering all my questions. You are the kind of doctor that go above and beyond for your patients and always researching and exploring other potential modalities that may be helpful to your patients’ recovery in the least invasive way. My children’s overall health and allergies have greatly improved without the use of steroid medications and now they are happy, healthy and able to eat everything.

“With knowledge comes with responsibility.” and you have certainly applied it in your medical practice. We feel incredibly blessed that you are my kids’ doctor and part of our family.



“My experience with Melody Wong was delightful. I located her on-line after an out-of-state friend recommended NAET treatments. I went with no confidence that these treatments would work. My past history (over 20 years of environmental sensitivities) with the traditional medical profession, acupuncture, biofeedback, etc had not been very successful.

On our first meeting I felt very positive vibes. I went for NEAT treatments originally. Progressed to supplements that helped me greatly. My family says its amazing the difference – the energy I have now is awesome. I had bone density scans with results showing osteopenia for many years. None of my previous treatments agreed with me. Melody gave me Calcium and Vitamin D supplements (without disagreeable fillers) that worked for me, and consequently, my last scan showed a 7.1 % gain in BMD in the lumbar spine and a 4.5% gain in BMD in the right femoral neck. Yes, it costs money, but it was definitely worth it. Melody has a very special way, and I sing her praises everywhere I go. As a result of her work, I am still working at age 67, and feel the best I have in over 20 years!”

LK, Sunnyvale

Dr. Wong’s practice is one of respect, partnership, and gentle nurturing. I am an ongoing patient of Dr. Wong’s for ulcerative colitis as well as osteopenia, and have also done extensive NAET with her for many food sensitivies. Her in depth knowledge of my condition and its root causes, as well as her expertise in guiding me toward appropriate treatment modalities have given me a quality of life for which a year ago I would not been able to conceive of having again. I feel confident in Dr. Wong and trust her direction because of the well researched options she provides for me, and the mutual learning and understanding that she incorporates in our discussions about my care.

L.H., Mountain View